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Fix Your WiFi Woes

5 ways to give your WiFi an extra boost

When WiFi works, it’s an amazing technology. With the right installation and configuration, your home can benefit from fast, wireless data to all your devices.

This is when it works. When WiFi doesn’t work, fixing it can be a real headache. Even diagnosing the problem can be a huge task if you’re not equipped with the right tools and know-how.

Here are 5 great strategies for dealing with WiFi problems.


1. Map Your Dead Zones

It’s impossible to see, but your home isn’t uniformly covered with WiFi. In some areas your signal will be strong and reliable. In others, you’ll encounter frustrating “dead zones.”

Knowing where these dead zones are (and avoiding putting permanent smart devices in those locations) will make a huge difference to the reliability of your network.

To find these dead zones, you’ll need Wifi Analyzer.

This app displays a handy speedometer type display which can immediately tell you if your WiFi is great, average or downright abysmal. Then you can some smart decisions about where to place your equipment.

Better yet, it’s completely free!


2. Use a Mesh Network for Easy WiFi Everywhere

A few years ago, you’d install your router in the middle of your home and hope for the best. This is exactly the same as setting up a loudspeaker in the middle of your home and hoping you can hear the music out in your backyard. It’s not ideal.

Mesh technology works on a radically different (and much smarter) principle. Instead of creating one big data bubble in your home, mesh technology creates lots of little overlapping WiFi networks.

It’s far more efficient and it means you can get signal in places you couldn’t possibly reach with a single router.

The Eero Wifi System is one of the best mesh systems on the market. It’s incredibly easy to set up and it’ll plug in wherever you want to extend your WiFi reach.

3. Get a Router Designed to Support Your Gaming

Gaming is incredibly demanding on data. If there’s someone in your home who’s likely to be frustrated with your WiFi reliability, you can bet it’s the gamer in the family.

To get a connection reliable enough, you’re going to need a router with serious grunt. The Netgear XR500 Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi Router definitely fits the bill.

As you’d expect from anything with “nighthawk” in its name, this thing is seriously sophisticated and sharp. Equipped with four external antennas, this router will push out a fast and reliable signal.  It’ll also let you prioritize gaming traffic where and when it’s needed.


4. Not Ready (Or Willing) to Swap Out Your Router?

Not ready or able to handle the expense of a flashy new router? We get it.

A less expensive option is to invest in a WiFi range extender. These handy devices will pick up your existing WiFi signal and amplify it.

While your mileage will vary if they’re positioned right and in ideal circumstances, they can extend your router’s range by up to 10,000 square feet.

The Linksys Re6700 AC1200 Dual-Band Wireless Range Extender is a great signal extension product. It’ll work with your existing tablets or laptops without missing a beat, and it includes a guided “spot finder,” which is great for identifying the repeater’s optimal location.

5. Final Tip: Call Your ISP

Finally, you’d be surprised how much control your Internet Service Provider has over the quality of your home data connection.

If you’re facing ongoing problems with your connection, it’s a really smart idea to pick up your phone and complain about it!

They can usually troubleshoot your connection and may send someone out to your home to investigate the issue further.

If WiFi woes are getting you down, give us a call on (916) 547-2583. We’d be happy to offer you some great advice on how to get your connection fast, reliable and hassle-free.