California is known for paving the way with technology, and not just when it comes to startups in Silicon Valley. For new homeowners throughout Sacramento, the hot new thing is a whole house audio system that makes it easy to listen to music in every room. In particular, the most popular brand for whole house systems is Sonos. Keep reading to learn why so many homeowners are prioritizing multi-room music and Sonos in particular.


With so many different technology improvements you could make to your home, why should you choose to focus on an audio system? In our experience, it boils down to two main reasons:


Especially when buying or renovating a home, it’s best to invest in upgrades that add value to the property. Having a professional multi-room music system is one of those upgrades that sets your home apart. The design and installation may take a bit longer upfront than simply going for a sound system in one room, but having the proper wiring (for wired systems) or network (for wireless systems) in place is valuable.


Many smart devices are a good investment for energy efficiency or security, but they don’t really make life more enjoyable. With whole house audio, you’ll see an immediate change in how much of a role music plays in your day-to-day life. At the push of a button, you can enjoy your favorite playlist while you’re preparing dinner or have background music on while you’re entertaining guests. You could even have music gently wake you each morning instead of an annoying alarm.


There are a ton of different multi-room audio systems out there, so why is it that Sonos is making its way into nearly every Sacramento home? There’s a lot to love about the music system, but here are the things that stand out to us:

It’s Wireless: The system runs— on your Wi-Fi network, so you’re not limited on where you can place the speakers throughout your home. Plus, there are fewer cords and cables that you need to worry about hiding.

You Can Upgrade Existing Sound Systems: If you already have speakers or stereo systems that have good quality sound, but don’t have the same easy user experience that you’d get with Sonos, you should consider Sonos CONNECT. It takes your existing setup and converts it into a wireless Sonos system.

Just the Right Amount of Variety: With multi-room setups, it’s important to have different speakers for each environment. A large, open room will need more powerful speakers than a small den, for example. But on the other hand, choosing from 50 different speakers is difficult – how do you know which one is right for your home? In our opinion, Sonos has done it right, with three main speaker styles designed for different room sizes and needs.

It’s Easy to Use: When it comes down to it, the best thing about Sonos is how easy it is to navigate. All of your streaming services, personal music libraries, playlists, and more are at your fingertips in whatever room you want.


You can find Sonos products many places, and while it may work out for you to set up the system on your own, there are some pitfalls that can be avoided with a professional installation. Home Technology Pros is a Sonos dealer that can get you the perfect mix of devices for your home.

When we install Sonos systems, we take care in ensuring each speaker is placed for maximum audio performance and that your home network is able to support the system’s needs. And if you ever have any questions or need help with your Sonos system, we’re one phone call away!

From multi-room music to full smart home automation, we’re the home technology pros. Call us today for a free consultation on a home audio system.