Gifts that wont break the bank this Christmas!

This Christmas, you won’t need to break the bank to get some amazing home technology products. The following cool smart gadgets for under $100 are great budget gifts for adding a touch of convenience and fun to any home.


The Amazon Echo Dot is what’s known as a smart speaker. Equipped with a remarkably robust artificial intelligence, this device can provide a host of useful information, from the perfect way to mix a gin martini to the weekend weather forecast.  

This device is also perfect if you’re keen to introduce voice-control to your home. The Amazon Echo remains one of the most widely compatible devices for smart home products, and its list of supported devices is ever-increasing.

The Echo Dot will operate seamlessly as a voice-control backbone for a smart home and at $39.99, it’s a steal.


The iDevice Outdoor Switch is a useful, smartphone or tablet operated power outlet. While its potential uses are almost limitless, at this time of year it’s a perfect solution for powering your outdoor Christmas lights.

The convenience factor is an obvious draw. Using a portable device, you can activate or deactivate anything connected to this switch without having to leave the comfort of your living room. You can even configure the outlet to switch on or off at set times.

It’s great for Christmas lights, but timed lights are also extremely useful for improving your home’s security when you’re on vacation.

While we’re talking about security, it’s worth mentioning that the iDevice Outdoor Switch is completely waterproof, making it a safe electrical option outdoors.


The Google Chromecast is all about streaming high-quality entertainment into your home.

It supports over 1000 video streaming services, including the big three: Netflix, Youtube and Spotify. Old streaming devices supported only limited resolutions. The Google Chromecast ups the ante considerably by offering full, 4K resolution.

It delivers big-time on convenience as well. While it comes with a basic remote, the Chromecast can also be controlled from a smartphone or tablet.

BOND ($99.99)

The Bond is a lesser-known piece of smart home technology, but our prediction is that within six to twelve months you’ll be seeing this device in a lot of homes.

Bond’s slogan is “Connect The Things You Couldn’t Before”—and this neatly sums it up its technological appeal.

Through your WiFi network, Bond provides a solid, reliable link to a diverse spectrum of home devices. Ceiling fans, air conditioning units, even motorized shades and garage doors can all be securely connected through Bond and then controlled via an app.

This has to be one of the least expensive ways to bring comprehensive smart home functionality into your home.


The Wyze Cam Pan Camera provides a lot of technology for the price tag.

Not only is it a fully secure Internet-accessible cam, capable of 360-degree rotation in under 3 seconds, the Wyze cam is also equipped with object tracking artificial intelligence, night vision and two-way audio.

This impressive feature set makes this cam an incredibly versatile security and home surveillance product. It’s fantastic for pet monitoring, theft deterrence and just looking in on your home to be sure everything is OK.


This one has to be one of the best technology stocking stuffers out there. The Tile Mate is a small, lightweight token you can use to locate lost devices.

It’s small and light enough to tether to pretty much anything—from your keys and smart devices to hefty luggage when you’re on a long haul flight.

The Tile Mate uses a variety of locating technologies to give you a clear bead on where your device is located. Just activate the app on your phone and click Find. The Tile Mate will emit an audible beep and send an update on its location.

Because it’s so small and easily concealed, it’s also great to add a bit of extra security to your valuables.  

If you’re eager to add a bit of extra convenience to your home this Christmas, any of these gifts will be a great option.