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If you’re unfamiliar with the term “smart home technology” think of it as technology designed to make your home life safer, more convenient or more comfortable. Here are some examples:

  • Controlling home devices using voice commands or an app on your smartphone
  • Controlling your audio and video equipment using an Internet-enabled multi-device remote
  • A thermostat which learns your comfort preferences over time and automatically adjusts your home climate settings
  • A dynamic home theater equipped with surround sound

You’ll find other tech companies around Central Jersey who will sell you this equipment, but we don’t just sell smart home technology. We also offer a complete professional installation of your product and a remote support plan service.

So, if anything goes wrong with your technology or if it’s just not optimized to deliver optimum performance, we’ll see the problem and fix it. On top of that, if you ever need support, we’re available 24 hours all year round.

Our trained installation and support technicians are available to come to your home or business, wherever you are in the Central Jersey area.


We are here to help solve your smart tech problems!


Our Customer Reviews

Johnathan was my tech, this gentleman was on time, clean, professional, solid and worth a second call because of how confident I felt on his install the 1st time around. The second install was well performed also. I can't wait to call on his help again and so should you! Thanks again Home Technology Pros and Johnathan for the service.

- Eric S.

Being an absolute novice with audio/visual, I was pleased with Gavin's ability to direct me toward a solution that I fully understood. I called around to several companies and did not receive the same level of service and integrity. I walked away with the exact information I needed, and now my head can stop spinning!

- Christina S.

Central Jersey HTP Services

Below are some of the services we offer in Central Jersey. If you'd like a quote for any of the services below, simply contact us here for a free estimate!

TV Mounting

Affixing a large television to an indoor or outdoor wall isn’t always a straightforward or easy task. It requires tools and experience. Home Technology Pros Central Jersey can wall mount your TV safely and attractively.

A big issue we look out for is wiring. Older homes especially are often wired in non-standard ways. Adding to that, it’s not always easy to find structurally sound studs that are suitable for bearing the weight of a heavy appliance like a large TV.

Our trained technicians can help you find the optimal location for your TV — so that it’s both safe in your home and comfortable to watch in your living space.

Home Theater

Home theaters are hands down the best way to enjoy a movie or binge watch a TV series at home. The combination of great sound with big, crisp visuals is a true luxury.

It can also be expensive — especially if you’re unfamiliar with products on the market — and difficult to configure correctly.

Home Technology Pros Central Jersey can help you allocate your home theater budget to get the best possible value. Not only can we help you choose the perfect products for your home, we’ll also perform a complete professional installation.

From purchase right through to installation and configuration, we’re able to make sure you get that perfect home cinema experience.

Audio Systems

Getting your home audio right isn’t just about good product selection (although that counts for a lot). It’s also about finding the right speaker locations and optimizing your audio for your home space.

Our local Central Jersey technicians will guide you through every decision you need to make to get a perfect home audio system for your home.

We’ll optimize your installation to deliver perfect sound, whether you’re looking for crystal clear sound just in your entertainment area, or streamed throughout your whole home.

Security Cameras

Central Jersey residents are lucky from a crime standpoint, being safer than inhabitants of over 80% of US cities. Nevertheless, theft and non violent crimes are still an issue. A good security camera installation remains one of the best investments you can make in keeping your home safe from unwanted visitors.

Smart security cameras are vastly superior to old-fashioned cameras in a number of ways.

Firstly, they’ll use artificial intelligence to actively analyze what they’re recording. They’re great for only notifying you when something genuinely worth your attention occurs. Fewer unwanted alerts means you’re more likely to pay attention when you really need to. Secondly, smart cameras can fully integrate with other home technologies, such as smart speakers, video doorbells and alarm systems.

HTPros Central Jersey will conduct a full site assessment of your home, offering you expert advice on product choice, location and day-to-day use. We’ll back that up with a pro-level installation and 24/7 technical support.

Smart Thermostats

Staying comfortable at home can be a challenge in the hot and cold months. A smart thermostat can make your home a cozier place by actively analyzing your home temperature and fine-tuning your climate schedule to be exactly to your liking.

A smart thermostat is equipped with AI, allowing it to “learn” your climate requirements over time and adjust accordingly.

Home Technology Pros Central Jersey will help you find the right product for your home and budget. We’ll perform a physical installation and then make sure you’re able to get the most from your equipment by connecting it to your smartphone and smart speakers.

Smart Doorbells

Package theft it is a real and growing problem across the US. Believe it or not, close to 35% of Americans report having had a package stolen from their front door.

A smart video doorbell is a proven effective deterrent against package theft. It’s also a great general security feature, offering you a quick and easy way to see who is at your door, no matter the time of day, or whether you’re out or at home.

Working with HTPros gives you a wide range of great installation choices. We can integrate the technology with your existing doorbell wiring, or we can do a battery operated installation which requires no wiring whatsoever.

We’ll also make sure your new doorbell has a solid, reliable connection to your home WiFI, so you can rest assured you’ll have access to its camera and security features whenever you need it.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is a hugely popular smart home technology product. Good lighting is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add some warm ambience to your home decor. Smart lights are also a great for bringing some dramatic illumination to your patio or pool area.

We’re trained to install a large variety of smart lighting products in and around your home, from voice-controlled ceiling lights to outdoor LED feature lighting.

As part of installation, we’ll also ensure your devices are all enabled on your home WiFi network and easily controlled via an app or central smart remote. 

Smart Door Locks

Smart locks are just as secure as a regular deadbolt, but they also offer a great line up of additional convenience features. Key-less entry, app-enabled security features so that your doors automatically lock when you leave your home and temporary guest pin codes to name just a few.

When performing a professional installation, our technicians will look after the physical and technological aspects to ensure you get a fully secure lock on your door. Our installations are both secure from both physical and technological tampering.

We’ll also offer you expert advice on the best lock for your home or business.

IT & Network 

If your home or business has slow, unreliable or patchy Internet, we can troubleshoot the problem and find a solution for you.

Our technicians can perform an onsite diagnostic to isolate the cause of your connectivity issue, and then we can pose a range of solutions, from ethernet cable connections out to hard to reach areas, to modem and router upgrades. We can also offer a whole of home or business mesh solution, which is one of the best ways you can get Internet coverage to every corner of your floorplan.

Because we also offer a full 24/7 support solution, we can also offer a swift resolution to any connectivity issues you encounter down the line, day or night.