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​Welcome to Home Technology Pros Sacramento. Our purpose is to bring affordable, easy-to-use smart home technologies into homes and businesses throughout the Sacramento area.

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What do we mean by smart home technology? Here’s a few examples:

  • Streaming music throughout your home using your portable device
  • Controlling your home climate using an artificially intelligent smart thermostat which can predict your comfort preferences
  • Updating your old audio and video equipment so that it is Internet enabled and integrated in your home wireless network
  • Improving your home or office security with smart cameras and locks

Home Technology Pros offers one crucial advantage over most other tech vendors you’ll find in the Sacramento area: we offer post-installation, remote monitoring and support plans.

When something goes wrong, we are available to fix it for you — in some cases before you even notice the problem.

We’re there 24/7/365 to make your technology experience as simple and productive as possible. 


We are here to help solve your smart tech problems!


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Our Customer Reviews

Johnathan was my tech, this gentleman was on time, clean, professional, solid and worth a second call because of how confident I felt on his install the 1st time around. The second install was well performed also. I can't wait to call on his help again and so should you! Thanks again Home Technology Pros and Johnathan for the service.

- Eric S.

Being an absolute novice with audio/visual, I was pleased with Gavin's ability to direct me toward a solution that I fully understood. I called around to several companies and did not receive the same level of service and integrity. I walked away with the exact information I needed, and now my head can stop spinning!

- Christina S.

Our Sacramento Services

Our trained and certified professionals operate all over the Sacramento metro area. We can come to your business or home, help you evaluate your technology needs and then perform a standardized, professional installation for you. Below are our services. If you’d like to know more, contact us here to request an estimate.

TV Mounting

Wall mounting a large TV can be a challenge, particularly if you’re inexperienced with TV mounts or lack the required tools. Home Technologies provide a quick and safe TV mount installation service.

Particularly if you own an older home in Sacramento, the framing and wiring behind your walls can be tough to navigate when installing large electrical appliances. It requires the correct approach and equipment.

One of our technicians can work with you to choose the best location for your TV. We can then provide a safe professional installation, including cable management where required.

Home Theater

Home theater technology is a great luxury to have in your home, but the perfect home cinema experience can be cost prohibitive if you’re unsure about the technology. It can also be technically challenging to install it in a way which is optimized for both video and audio.

Home Technology Pros Sacramento can guide you in how to get the most from your home cinema budget. Unlike your typical tech stores, we won’t attempt to up-sell you on every single component. Instead, we’ll help you choose the right products for your price bracket.

We also offer a complete installation and support service. From choosing your products right through to optimizing your home cinema experience, HTPros Sacramento will be there to provide solid technical advice, installation and support.

Audio Systems

Great home audio is as much about the unique requirements of your home layout as it is about equipment. You can have top of the line speakers, but if your equipment isn’t sound optimized to your space, it won’t perform at its best.

One of our technicians can walk you through your audio options and then provide a tailored, on-site installation for you.

We can also connect your sound system to your WiFi network, ensuring you can access the full range of your sound system’s connectivity features.

Security Cameras

Sacramento is a beautiful city, but it does have an issue with crime. In fact, it’s in the US’s top 10 percent most crime-vulnerable cities.

The best strategy you can have to prevent your home from becoming a crime statistic is to invest in smart security. Home video doorbells, smart cameras and internal surveillance are all highly effective crime deterrents. This technology is also excellent for peace of mind, affording you the option of seeing what’s going on inside and outside your home from the convenience of your smartphone.

One of our local Sacramento technicians can come to your home or business to perform an on-site security assessment. We’ll walk you through your options and perform a professional installation. We can also show you how to use your equipment to take full advantage of its smart security features.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats can monitor the temperature through your whole home, customizing your climate by zone, time of year and time of day. The amazing thing about AI-augmented climate control technology is that it can “learn” your climate preferences, adapting its algorithm over time.

Home Technology Pros Sacramento can work with you to choose the right smart thermostat for your budget and home.

We can install it to replace your existing thermostat or we can do complete installations from scratch. Better yet, we can configure your smart thermostat system to work with your smart speakers, giving you the option to control your climate settings by voice.

Smart Doorbells

Package theft is a growing nationwide epidemic. As many as one third of homeowners in the US have experienced the theft of a parcel from their front door. Unfortunately, Sacramento has its fair share of porch theft, with a significant uptick in porch piracy observed in recent years. While there’s no completely foolproof measure, a video doorbell is recommended by local law enforcement as a highly effective theft deterrent.

We offer a variety of installation approaches, from battery-operated door-mounted WiFI connected doorbell units to fully wired solutions which work with the wiring of your existing doorbell.

We’ll walk you through your options and provide a professional smart doorbell installation.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is a quick and easy way to add a touch of extra visual appeal to your home. It’s a great way to pump up the resale value of your home and it offers exciting entertainment options too.

We can install many different kinds of smart lighting products around your home, from striking accent features around your outdoor entertainment area to voice activated interior lighting.

We can also configure your smart lighting to work through your home WiFI network, meaning you can control your lighting from the convenience of an app.

Smart Door Locks

We also support several smart lock products, each fully rated and compliant with the highest security rating for residential door locks. Remote locking, keypad entry, smartphone connectivity and integrated video doorbell functionality are just some of the features we can install for you.

We use secure and rigorous installation methods, so that your smart lock installation is able to withstand both physical force and attempts at technological workarounds.

IT & Network 

Sacramento has great Internet access, so why not take full advantage of it?

We offer a network installation and troubleshooting service. We can identify and resolve what’s going wrong with your existing home or business network and resolve the problems completely. We can implement mesh technology to minimize your connectivity black spots and run cable to any difficult to reach areas. Alternatively, we can install a completely new network for you which takes advantage of the latest connectivity technology.

Our technicians are skilled in resolving network problems they encounter onsite and our tech support team are available for any connectivity issues you might encounter down the line.