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security camera installation service

When many people think of smart home technology, their first thought is about all the entertainment options. Sure, smart technology has made a big splash in terms of how we relax and have fun at home. But in the realm of home security, smart technology hasn’t just made security hardware better. It’s been a complete game-changer. 

Thanks in large part to improved sensor technology and AI, outdoor and indoor security cameras are unrecognizable today from models on the market just a few years ago. This new wave of smart cameras offers you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what’s going in your home inside and out, 24 hours a day.

How Our Security Camera Installation Works

Home Technology Pros have been installing smart indoor and outdoor cameras since they first hit the market. We understand each product’s unique features, we know how to get the most from each product and — most importantly — we have the electrical, electronics and networking experience to deliver a top-notch installation within your home. 

If you’re looking to safeguard your home and loved ones with indoor and outdoor security cameras, here’s how Home Technology Pros can help.

Indoor Cameras — Smart, Connected and Discreet

So, what makes smart indoor cameras so smart? Artificial intelligence and networked accessibility. 

A smart indoor camera doesn’t just passively record what its lens sees. It can be configured to actively surveil your home interior, distinguishing something completely routine (for example, your pet dog crossing a room) from events which require your immediate attention (such as unrecognized people entering a room or the sound of glass breaking).

When there’s something you should know about you receive an instant notification to your smartphone or other portable devices. It’s an elegant and powerful solution to home security.

Home Technology Pros can perform a complete, expert installation. We won’t just professionally wire and position your cameras where they’ll have the greatest impact. We’ll also make sure it’s properly networked and configured to meet your unique security requirements.

Outdoor Cameras — Peace Of Mind on Any Budget

Smart outdoor cameras give a fantastic return on your security investment.

For a start, they’re a proven crime deterrent. The mere sight of a camera on the outside of your home is likely to immediately stop an intruder in their tracks.

Smart outdoor cameras can also deliver an astounding array of security features. Depending on which product we install for you, you can enjoy such features as crystal clear night vision, two-way speakers, powerful floodlights and facial recognition.

When Home Technology Pros installs a smart outdoor camera system we make sure it’s weather-proof, tamper-proof and optimized to deliver the best possible surveillance for your unique surroundings. We’ll also connect it to your local network and show you how to use the system with a smartphone or portable device.

All our technicians are trained and certified to wire your cameras to mains electricity, making your security solution both safer and easier to maintain.

There’s really no price tag you can place on the peace of mind you get from a home which is safe and secure.

It’s an investment not just in your property but your family’s well-being. Home Technology Pros understands what’s at stake. We’re experts in smart home security technology and will deliver a security solution which is cost-effective, professionally installed and easy to maintain. 



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Our Customer Reviews

Johnathan was my tech, this gentleman was on time, clean, professional, solid and worth a second call because of how confident I felt on his install the 1st time around. The second install was well performed also. I can't wait to call on his help again and so should you! Thanks again Home Technology Pros and Johnathan for the service.

Eric S. | San Jose, CA

Being an absolute novice with audio/visual, I was pleased with Gavin's ability to direct me toward a solution that I fully understood. I called around to several companies and did not receive the same level of service and integrity. I walked away with the exact information I needed, and now my head can stop spinning!

Christina S. | Sacramento, CA

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