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Your home is only as secure as its locks. A good conventional deadbolt will keep your home secure, but as a security measure, it’s a blunt instrument.

If you want to give someone access to your home while you’re away, your only option is to give them a key. If you forget to lock your front door when you go out, your home is completely vulnerable. And of course, if someone steals your key you’ve little option but to get the locks replaced!

Smart locks offer all the security of a fully rated and certified conventional lock, but offer a wealth of added benefits.

How Our Smart Lock Installation Service Works

Here’s a few reasons why smart locks are a great investment and how Home Technology Pros’ installation service can make your smart lock upgrade safe and hassle-free. 

1. Smart Locks Offer Secure Convenience

The first way a potential intruder tries to gain access to a home is by looking under the front door mat or somewhere equally obvious. It’s just not secure or smart to conceal a spare key where unwelcome hands can locate it.

Smart locks give you the opportunity to control access to your home from anywhere. Let’s say a house guest knocks on your door while you’re out. With a smart lock you can disarm your front door while you’re away. Using a keypad enabled lock, you can even issue temporary passwords, revoking them when they’re no longer required.

Smart locks offer convenience without compromising security.

2. Forgetful With Your Door Keys? Smart Locks Have You Covered

Another great feature of smart locks is that they can be configured to automatically arm when you leave your house. If you or your kids have a habit of forgetting to lock your front door, a smart lock can make that problem disappear. 

Touchpad entry also means you have the luxury of not having to remember your keys every time you leave the house. Just enter your code and you can get inside, no problems.

3.Home Technology Pros Smart Lock Installation

Smart Home Technology Pros can help you with your smart lock installation, from product selection through to door installation and network hookup.

Everything about our lock installation process is geared toward security. Once we’re done with your smart lock it’ll be force-resistant, tamper-proof and secure from hacking and other methods of circumvention. Put simply, it’ll be 100 percent secure and reliable.

We can also train you and your family in how to use all the great features of your new smart lock. You won’t know how you managed before you got it!

Smart locks are a safe and convenient option to control access to your front door. Our Home Technology Pros technicians are home security experts. We won’t just install your smart look to look good. We’ll make sure it’s the right product for your family and one hundred percent secure.



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Our Customer Reviews

Johnathan was my tech, this gentleman was on time, clean, professional, solid and worth a second call because of how confident I felt on his install the 1st time around. The second install was well performed also. I can't wait to call on his help again and so should you! Thanks again Home Technology Pros and Johnathan for the service.

Eric S. | San Jose, CA

Being an absolute novice with audio/visual, I was pleased with Gavin's ability to direct me toward a solution that I fully understood. I called around to several companies and did not receive the same level of service and integrity. I walked away with the exact information I needed, and now my head can stop spinning!

Christina S. | Sacramento, CA

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Smart security cameras are one of the best ways you can keep your property and family safe.

Smart cameras are able to analyze what they see, letting you know via smartphone if anything unusual requires your attention. This makes them a powerful theft and home invasion deterrent, but they’re equally effective at maintaining a close eye on your young ones, your elderly relatives and even your pets.

To help you get the most out of these amazing devices, Home Technology Pros’ certified technicians will perform a complete installation for you. We’ll even show you how to use them. 

Package theft is on the rise. Up to a third of homeowners in the US report having had parcels stolen from their front door. A smart video doorbell will drastically reduce your risk of theft, and it sets you up with the additional convenience of being able to see who’s at your door wherever you are.

Home Technology Pros can wire a smart video doorbell up to your existing doorbell connection, or if you prefer, we can install a battery operated unit directly to your door.