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Having a good TV in your home is great, but it can’t compete with the complete home theater experience. The lights dim and as you sit back in a comfy sofa, you’re immersed in surround sound and the brilliant, crisp display of 4k television display. It’s unbeatable. 

While the home theater experience is incredible, making it happen can be a real headache. What equipment should you buy given your budget? Where should it be installed? How should the equipment be configured? And how do you deal with the sudden explosion in remote controlled devices?

Fortunately, Home Technology Pros are home theater installation experts. Here’s how we can help you get that perfect home theater setup you’ve been dreaming of. 

How Our TV Installation Service Works

Here’s how we can help you get that perfect home theater setup you’ve been dreaming of. 

Spend Where It Counts

Home theaters are at the cutting edge of audio, video and networking technology. While this is exciting, it can also be prohibitively expensive. Making matters worse, the salesperson in your typical home technology store is going to try to upsell you on every component.

Home Technology Pros can help you navigate the home theater marketplace. We’ll help you make smart purchases within your budget, concentrating your dollars where you’ll get the best bang for your buck while helping you realize savings in areas where it’s not so important.

We’ll also install your theater system properly, meaning you’ll get the best possible value from every piece of technology at your disposal. 

Theater Done Easy

Having a great home theater shouldn’t involve a dozen different remotes scattered over your coffee table. Unfortunately, this is often the reality home theater owners have to deal with. This doesn’t just detract from the immersiveness of the theater experience, it also clutters your entertainment area with unnecessary technology.

We can install your home theater system in a way which minimizes your reliance on a bunch of redundant remotes. Not only can we consolidate controls into single devices, we can also connect your home theater system to your smart devices. Imagine controlling your audio, video and playback settings all from one convenient dashboard on your iPad.
We’ll even set up your lights so that they dim when the music begins!
HTPros doesn’t just focus on setting you up with great home theater installation, we make sure your tech delivers a smooth, easy-to-use cinematic experience. 

We’ll Optimize Your Theater Tech For Maximum Impact

It’s one thing having the technology.

It’s another thing to configure, position and install it correctly. Getting your speakers in the right place, your screen on the right wall and all your technology communication smoothly can make a vast difference in the quality of a home theater installation.

We can make sure that your theater is installed right the first time, so that you get the most out of it without having to make frustrating and costly changes down the road.

If outside noise is an issue, we can also isolate outdoor ambient sound, to better reproduce that immersive cinematic experience. 

If you’re planning to bring the fun and entertainment of a home theater to your home, do yourself a favor and have one of our smart home technology technicians perform an expert installation for you.

You’ll save money and get a better product without all the hassle.



We are here to help solve your smart tech problems!


Our Customer Reviews

Johnathan was my tech, this gentleman was on time, clean, professional, solid and worth a second call because of how confident I felt on his install the 1st time around. The second install was well performed also. I can't wait to call on his help again and so should you! Thanks again Home Technology Pros and Johnathan for the service.

Eric S. | San Jose, CA

Being an absolute novice with audio/visual, I was pleased with Gavin's ability to direct me toward a solution that I fully understood. I called around to several companies and did not receive the same level of service and integrity. I walked away with the exact information I needed, and now my head can stop spinning!

Christina S. | Sacramento, CA

After purchasing a "universal" TV mount from Amazon and attempting to mount our new television over our fireplace ourselves, we knew we needed help. First, the mount would not work with our new Sony TV and trying to hide the cable box was a real challenge! We called Home Technology Pros, and after a bit of a miss on the communication side, we couldn't be more happy with the way the installation went. Our technician was extremely professional and more than went out of his way to make this challenging installation happen promptly. He even worked on Saturday morning to fit our schedule!!!

Pamela A. | Elk Grove, CA

I found Home Technology Pros on Yelp. After reading so many great reviews I figured I'd give them a try. I was not disappointed and the great reviews were spot on! Herman was very professional and did a great job setting up our home theater system. He was very thorough and went above and beyond and fixed a few things that most installers would have probably ignored. I'll definitely use them again!

KJ S. | Roseville, CA

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The average living room has five remote controls. That’s a lot of technology to keep track of. It’s also unnecessarily complicated.

Home Technology Pros’ offers a remote control setup service. We’ve been programming universal remotes for close to twenty years and we’re experts at simplifying the experience of using home technology.

Not only will you have fewer remotes in your home, you’ll also be able to control your home technology with fewer button presses. We’ll also give you the option to control your devices using an app on your smartphone or tablet.

We can take the unnecessary complexity out of your home technology. 

Surround sound is one of the most challenging installations for the home technology enthusiast to get right.

There’s a daunting array of products, sure, but even after you’ve made a purchase you’ll need a lot of finesse to find that perfect speaker location which fills your home with crisp, rich audio. 

We’re specialists in audio system installation. We’ll guide you through every step of the process from product choice, to installation, to network hookup, to full sound optimization.

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Smart Lighting is just a cool thing to have in your home. We’ll set your home up with app controlled smart-lighting. Just open your phone and dial up any kind of lighting you can imagine, from ambient mood lighting to crazy disco lights.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add some real pop to your home, smart lights are definitely going to deliver. 

Whatever TV you have, wherever you want it, we can make it happen. We can install pretty much every TV on the market no matter the size. Better yet, it’ll be exactly where you want it, dead level and installed to last.

Why waste an entire afternoon struggling with your TV mount installation when we can do it perfectly for you in a fraction of the time?