Put Your Love of Technology to Good Use.

In America, there’s no denying that college is seen as the requisite next step after graduating from high school. The pressure is on to get a college degree – whether you end up using that degree in your career or working in that planned field is another story. With the price of college tuition skyrocketing and far more educated people entering the workforce than there are positions to fill, it’s clear that an alternative path is needed.

Speaking from personal experience, that path is to start a franchised business. If you agree with my sentiment in the first paragraph, then bear with me as I outline why starting a home-based technology franchise is the best career and life decision you can make.


According to the College Board, tuition and fees for one year of in-state college run an average of $9,650. For a private university, that number jumps to $33,480. Not counting any of the other expenses that go into receiving a college education, after four years spent at the university, you’ll have spent a minimum of $38,600 ($133,920 if you choose a private institution). And while a college education is often very valuable and a great fit for many people, there’s no guarantee that your degree will earn you a high-paying position right out of college.

Starting a home-based technology franchise, on the other hand, will have you on the path to success right off the bat, instead of investing money into college for years without getting anything back.


Not everyone is cut out for the Monday through Friday, 9-5 gig. The beauty of a home-based business is that you can work when you want to. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can be successful while only working two hours a week, but if you want Monday afternoons off, then don’t work Monday afternoons. This is also useful if you want to start the franchise while still working part time at an existing job—transition into the new business slowly over time if you’d like.


All of the points above apply to any business venture, but starting a business from scratch is a riskier undertaking. Not only do you need to have greater capital to invest, but you also don’t get the guidance and support that a franchise model offers. There’s a lot of trial and error—without a proven market demand for your business idea.

With a Home Technology Pros franchise, you gain access to our tried and true business model, built on the exploding IoT and smart technology industry. From in-house training to sales technology kits to operational software, we’ve designed a franchise model that supplies all of the training, support, and resources you need to succeed quickly.

The earning potential and freedom is there, but here’s the big question: “Is an HTP franchise right for me?”

From experience, here’s the type of person who is successful as a home-based technology franchise owner:

  • Very comfortable working with electronic devices such as video game consoles, smart apps, Apple TV, etc.
  • Is comfortable working with WiFi & smart devices
  • Loves working with computers/programming
  • Is the person who friends and family come to for help with technology
  • Does not find the prospect of working a 9-5 desk job appealing
  • Prefers to build their own business rather than spend time and money on a four-year degree

If that sounds like you, we’d love to talk. Visit our franchise page and contact us for more information!